Carnival by Wick Liquor 50ml 0mg

Carnival 50ml 0mg Price: £10.00 Retail Price: £15.00 (Save £5.00)

Wick Liquor 50ml 0mg Carnival 80VG/20PG

+ (Free 10ml 18mg nic shot OR 9mg)

This product is supplied in a 60ml bottle with 50ml of ejuice, with a zero nicotine content.

You will need to purchase a Nic Shot in order to make this to your desired nicotine strength 

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Wick Liquor Carnival flavour profile - glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cake. 10ml contains 3mg of nicotine.
Premium Quality Boutique E-Juice. Influenced by the streets, crafted in the lab, carried to the masses by moonshiners and rogues.
Way out west, where the arid sands crash against the vice and vandalism of the big city, a passionate group of mavericks are rolling into town. Weighed down with stories of a sumptuous ‎desert oasis that they encountered during their journey, carrying a fistful of contraband potions, messengers from the wild dunes, delivering their precious cargo to the eager taste buds of the city-dwellers. Their gift to the skyscrapers carries the hallmarks of a midnight moonshine run through these desolate badlands. They are the brave pilgrims, they carry the Wick Liquor.